Sunday, July 5, 2009

Didn't do anything major for 4th July. Our plan was to go to Big D but Sonny came down with a dose of stomach 'flu so there was no way we were bringing that to Dallas to our friends' kids. we thought we might go see the local fireworks but Sonny of course started getting wired early and there was a thunderstorm so we just went home. Boys and DH went to bed early. I drank a solitary beer and watched Apollo 13. Bit sad really. O well. Boo hoo.

Watching Happy Feet at the moment. I have to admit I've never really been impressed by tap-dancing and that's still the case. But it's a nice little movie. And Sonny is finally at the edge where he can appreciate some movies. I'm glad he's over his dose. Just hope Baba doesn't get it.

I have requested and been given the afternoon off so I'm really looking forward to that...

And I go back to work tomorrow, which I'm dreading but I don't get paid unless I do work.