Sunday, April 26, 2009

So much for blogging every day. O well.

It has been an average weekend. Other-half was supposed to run the OKC Memorial Half-Marathon but had rotten stomach cramps that cramped his style (hurhur!) so we spent the day at home instead. I'm going a bit stir-crazy (as is usual when I don't get out). I only got as far as the service station to get some milk to put in the tea.

Spent the evening figuring out where Baba falls on the growth curves for his age. Aside from the Big Giant Head, he is 7?th percentile for weight and 22nd for height. He is a chunky butt! We had the Magic/Hawks game on and I can't even tell you who won. I suppose that's what and are for. The important thing is the Mavs are up 3:1 against the Spurs. Maybe that Kidd trade makes sense after all.

We had Other-half's brother and family on a computer-call. Since we started doing this almost ten years back, the quality has improved so much. No echoing down the line or 10 second delays
or pixelly images, it's brilliant.

And we get to see all the cousins in person in a few weeks! It's going to be brilliant (if I don't kill my mother, who we're staying with first).

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have two small boys who I'll call Sonny and Baba (following the example of a friend of mine who uses Xanga). They are 26 months and 5 months, respectively, so ... SMALL. Tonight we went to a pizza palace with Dada and they were absolutely brilliant. Sonny said that he had "nice pizza" and Baba made lots of sounds like R2D2, which means he's happy. The only down-side was Sonny fell off his booster because he was trying to turn around to look at the babysitter-aged girls at the table behind us (he's a woeful flirt) but I got a hug out of it so that was all right! ;-b

We got home and everyone except me went to bed with no screaming and roaring (that's rare for Dada) so I've been passing time, watching SATC movie with my satellite going on the blink every 30 seconds or so, surfing on our brand-new computer, which I love, and trying to figure out how to blog.

And I got some new contact lens today and it feels like there's nothing in my eyes and I've had them in for 14 hours, which is a BREAKTHROUGH for me.

It has been a good day!
Well, my goal for this year is to start writing and to start earning money for it (writing that is). All the advice is to "write something every day" so I'm going to write a blog entry on a daily basis. The only issue is what to write about but I'm sure I'll figure that out.
This is my first ever post so ... testing 1, 2, testing 1, 2, 3...