Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm hopeless. But I'm back and I promise that I'll do better from now.

Our Irish trip was really good but almost lost in the mists of time at this stage. We stayed with my folks for two weeks (me and the boys that is, Otherhalf had to go to Rome for work, poor thing) then we went to Otherhalf's family for two weeks passing through Cork on the way to visit my sister and brother. Met brother's girlfriend for the first time - she's seems like a mad woman - I liked her a lot. My two boys were OK. It took the 2.5 year old about 1.5 weeks to adjust to the jet lag and he acted out a lot. The little five-month-old was absolutely no problem. Everyone loved them especially their grandparents. One thing about taking two kids to another country is that it's not really a vacation (how insightful I am) - it's basically just the usual round of childminding, laundry, and food prep but in someone else's house. I do want to say thanks to my folks and to my brothers- and sisters-in-law for their hospitality - it's a lot to put up with four people for two weeks but they were all very easygoing and welcoming.

More soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well I'm back in the land of the living or at least the land of high-speed internet. I was away, far away in the land of leprechauns, shenanigans, and shillelaghs. Actually I was in Ireland (I'm Irish) for the month of May and no-one that I stayed with had very good internet access, good enough to use uTorrent but that's another story.

The four of us (DH, me, and two small fellahs) left here on Sat 2nd May. We had a 30 min flight to DFW than a longer jump to Chicago then a really long ride to Dublin. Well Big D sat under a thunderstorm all of Sat so our half-hour trip turned into an 8 hour visit to the Twilight zone (that's right 8 hours, no exaggerating) including two landings in Austin to refuel the plane and, on the second occasion, the people. We finally booked into a hotel in Dallas at 1:30 am on Sun morning. All I can say is Thank Goodness for the mighty Crackberry because DH was able to reschedule our flights when we landed in Austin the first time. Otherwise we would have spent several days in Dall-suck-ass.

I could try to tell all about our holiday here but I'm going to break it into several posts over several days because two small boys don't allow for a lot of consecutive computer time and blogging....