Thursday, November 1, 2012

Well what gloomy miserable black hole wrote that last post?

Chin up! Onward! Turns out that last Sat was the last blast of that particularly piece of nastiness and that getting the afternoon off to walk five miles in the very pleasant fall air, do some halloween shopping, and study my pop. gen. for a while would rejuvenate this sad bucket of despair. I only get to look at my book for about an hour every two weeks but I'm hanging on to it as the thread that will bring me back.

Last night was Halloween. You can thank me for the public service announcement. We went trick-r-treating. Poor small man got aches in his legs that kept him and me awake for half the night. Guess we won't be doing half the houses in the neighborhood next year.
Here is a photo (actually from Monday night at Story-book forest):

In other news, Pinterest is such a time-suck. I wish I had the gumption to swear off it forever but it keeps sucking me back in. And it kinds of sucks because most of the stuff is just so woeful. Did I mention that I think it sucks? Well one thing at a time.

Watching a bit of Thunder versus San Antonio. I can't believe the Beard sold us out. That B'stard! I mean $80m but, still, the b'stard! Apparently the new guy (Martin?) is just Hardin without the beard. Yeah-yeah, we'll see. Course watching the Spurs means watching Boris Diaw. Here's my other PSA:

You're welcome! ;-)

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