Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MyFitnessPal is excellent. I highly recommend it - much better than Wibbley-Wobblies and cheaper, i.e. free! All I've got to do is stick with it ;-D Also - tuna - it's your only man. Pity about the mercury.

Boys have been taken down with a stupendous bad-ass of a diarrhea bug. But no puking so that's wonderful. Down-side is I miss work, which pays me, and also, I can't really take them anywhere because memories of Earth Day 2010 still haunt me.(The eldest, then 3 and just potty-trained, had a bout of the most horrible scuttery trots at the top of the playground castle at OKC Zoo. Because it was Earth Day and every school in the place had send bus loads of kids, I was parked about 1/2 mile away so I had to get a zoo employee with a golf-cart to transfer me, the big boy, the not yet walking mountain of baby, and the baby carriage back to our car. I still spasm involuntarily when I think about it.)

What's been going on? Almost finished the boys' room - will make a push this afternoon when they're napping. Can't wait to have a photograph to document my efforts. I cleaned the baseboards in that room for the first time and it's amazing how well they look when they're clean. I will be cleaning the baseboards a room a day until they're all done and then put it in the rota. (hahahaha - rota!)

One very big other thing is going on behind the scenes. No I'm not pregnant. As yet I cannot say what it is "out loud" but it's huge and I'm very excited.

Being looking for Halloween crafts for the small men to do while they're stuck at home but most of the stuff either requires a run to Hobby Lobby (not going, see Earth Day 2010 above) or is just too damned complicated for 5.5 years and 3.75 years. (By the way, I've made another decision about this blog: I'm not going to censor myself. If a curse word is required, you'll read a curse word.)

Finally, I'm proud to say, that I have two bags of good candy in the spare room for Halloween and I have not even wanted to touch them thus far.

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