Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well today has been a bit of a waste of a day.

Oklahoma has been flooded (haha) today. Woke up to a thunderstorm, got caught in Walmart in a thunderstorm, it was absolutely bucketing down as we were finishing off the border in the boys' room. Which reminds me. There will be a picture of the boys' room when it's done!

Bunco was lots of fun last night. Out in lovely Piedmont. Great hostess - lots of yummy food and drink and just relaxed. :-)

Unfortunately, after I got home, I just could not sleep until very late so just 5 hours sleep total. The combination of too little sleep, head-cold, and just general malaise has made this a lost day.

Did figure out "MyFitnessPal". Great little ap. Unfortunately, I was over my limit for the day before dinner. Really gotta get back running again. Think I'll get some new running pants as an incentive...

Maybe these?

HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe not! Who buys $90 blue running capris?

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