Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This went the way of the dodo but I’m re-instating it!

As no-one was reading it anyway, I figure I will just put whatever I feel like on here but covering over my kids’ names.

I will be turning 40 in Feb 2013, which is not very long at all, and I am looking to re-invent myself. My thirties seem to be my lost decade and I just feel a bit lost in general.

I seem to have gone steadily downhill in every aspect in the last few years and I want/must stop the erosion. So now that the boys are old enough to be in school full-time (except for that huge gaping gap in the summer), I’m going to get back into the swing of things.

I AM going to get back into some kind of work that is interesting to me. At some level. I will freely admit to not really being in love with anything I’ve done so far, including motherhood. Which is not the same as saying I don’t love my boys ferociously. I do. I am going to get into some kind of work that is interesting to me because (1) I like to earn, (2) I am ambitious to be SOMEBODY (hahahahaha!), and (3) I want to do something meaningful with my life. Now here’s where everyone hoots and hollers about motherhood being meaningful, but I don’t mean to take credit for my boys because, far as I can see, the magic and greatness of my boys was programmed in already and I just had to cook them and then get out of the way!

I am going to get into something that I DO LOVE. It doesn’t have to be work, although that would be great, but I am going to find something that I love. I am almost 40 in a gene-puddle where 95 is the average so I think that I can start now and still have sufficient time to do something creditable with my life.

So here’s a start. Long, long ago in the dawn of time, I loved English best of all my subjects. I thought of turning it into a career by being a journalist but good advisors pointed out that I liked security too much for that to be a good career. Well, what they forgot is that nothing is really secure, and they misjudged my desire for security anyway. Boo-sucks to them. This is not journalism but it is writing. Away I go....

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